Equipment & Services

Transport National is your over-dimensional and overweight specialist. When your freight will not fit on your standard trailer or is too heavy for conventional shipping, Transport National has the right equipment for the job. Let us use our specialized trailer fleet to accommodate your needs. We can handle everything from pickup and delivery, arranging escorts, permits and contacting local government offices to make sure the shipment goes smooth from start to finish. Truckload or LTL, Transport National will see it through.
Please click on the image to enlarge for specific details on each trailer.

Below are explanations of the different kinds of trailers that we have in our fleet. Each trailer can vary slightly, so this should be used and treated as a general outline of the trailer’s capabilities and not as an absolute. Generally, each trailer can handle shipments that exceed the dimensions listed below, but additional Federal and State permits and permissions may be required. Please contact Transport National with any specific questions regarding trailers and trailer capabilities.

  • mull

    Multi Axle/Steerable:

    Transport National has many options for freight that is unconventionally heavy. We can apply as many as 13 axles to our trailers. We can also add jeeps, dollys and other boosters that we can customize to fit your load.

  • schnablge


    Schnable trailers, otherwise referred to as component trailers, are a specialty trailer group using hydraulic rams and latching systems which are able to suspend both ends of a load in such a way that the load makes up part of the trailer.

  • s5


    Perimeter trailers are designed to handle both extreme lengths and extreme heights. The trailer has raised and lowered capabilities.

  • d55

    Double Drop / Double Drop Expandable both with RGN option or optional RGN:

    Double drop trailers are used to haul tall shipments. The trailer consists of a front deck, back deck and well. In the well, the trailer generally fits 28’.

  • stepdeck-stretch

    Step Deck/Step Deck Expandable:

    Stepdeck trailers, otherwise known as single drop trailers, are specifically used to haul freight that exceeds 8’6” in height that you would normally put on a flatbed trailer.

  • s22

    Flatbed/Flatbed Expandable:

    Flatbed trailers are the most widely used open deck trailers. Transport National has both 48’ flatbed and 53’ flatbed trailers. Flatbed trailers have a fully loadable deck. Flatbed trailers are also dock height, for easy loading/unloading.

  • s2

    Flatbed Conestoga/Step Deck Conestoga:

    A conestoga trailer has a retractable curtain system specially designed to keep freight secure and protected from the weather. Transport National has both 48’ flatbed conestogas, 53’ flatbed conestogas and the specialty 53’ stepdeckconestogas.