Flatbed/Flatbed Expandable:

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    Flatbed Trailer:

    Flatbed trailers are the most widely used open deck trailers. Transport National has both 48’ flatbed and 53’ flatbed trailers. Flatbed trailers have a fully loadable deck. Flatbed trailers are also dock height, for easy loading/unloading.

    • Maximum trailer length: 48’ and 53’
    • Maximum load width: 8’6”
    • Maximum load height: 9’
    • Maximum load payload: 48,000lbs
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    Flatbed Stretch Trailer:

    Flatbed stretch trailers are the same as the flatbed trailer but can expand to handle freight up to 80’ long.

    • Maximum trailer length: 48’-80’
    • Maximumload width: 8’6”
    • Maximum load height: 8’6”
    • Maximum load payload:: 44,000lbs