Transport National LLC, started as B&K Transportation, consisting of two tractors and four flatbed trailers. Through dedication, hard work, and the business savvy of its employees B&K Transportation quickly realized success and growth through a strong credo of “Customer Service” filling the need for a quality specialized carrier in the greater Milwaukee area. In a short time oversized over dimensional freight became the area of expertise for the Company.

Growth was rapid and in 1982, B&K hit a milestone with ownership of over 100 units of equipment. Around the same time deregulation was changing the dynamics of the
transportation industry and B&K knew it was time to make a change to more accurately reflect the direction of the company by incorporating and operating under the name of Transport National.

With continued growth, an expansion was planned that consisted of two terminals in the state of Ohio. The first one opened in 1983 located in Cincinnati, OH and two years later in Youngstown, OH. Over the last 15 years, Transport National added 5 more terminals in; Wausau, WI; Springfield, MO; Chattanooga, TN; and Joplin, MO.

The revenue earned through expansion has been continually reinvested into the company, primarily in the form of new equipment and specialized trailers. Innovation is the
cornerstone of Transport National’s mission in that the trailers are unique, and the specifications were developed to maximize the loading space allowed on a trailer. This enables Transport National to transport much larger over-dimensional loads while avoiding or reducing some of the costs of permits and/or civilian escorts that other carriers would require. Additionally, we have a fleet of specialized Drivers that have been trained to haul the large over dimensional freight.

Our unwavering commitment to “Customer Service and Satisfaction” combined with our specialized trailers and Driver expertise, Transport National is primed to be one of the most sought after specialized carriers throughout the lower 48 and Canada.